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(Translated by: Patrik Borýsek)

Our bunch consists of: Westie Beny, crossbred Aimee, Border Collie Aiko, a puppy of Border Collie Nell and we masters, Kamila and Martin Ševčík. We call ourselves Ševčíkovic tlupa (The Ševčík’s bunch).

A few words about our dogs:


Beník is our first dog, by race West Highland White terrier and is without the certificate of origin. He was born on August 1st, 2005 in Záhorovice.

Beník is genuine terrier – stubborn, individual, but when he wants, he can be the most affectionate doggy under the sun :-). He loves balloons, likes to hunt, to crawl and to dig out burrows. He’s the most happiest in the nature, especially in the forest. We call him our little woodsy :-).

He also loves swimming whereby we were quite surprised :-). On the other hand, he isn’t concerned in agility very much. He’s willing to run a track only occasionally, far-between.

We found out he’s very interested in tracking so we‘ll try to focus on it more.

Naše tlupa


We took Aimee in 2006 from a shelter in Dubnica nad Váhom. She was born obviously in June 2005.

She adores dice, all goodies and toys. She’s amazingly affectionate, also to foreign people, especially men :-). She likes to chase cats and birds. She’s as fast as an uncontrolled shot :-).

She started to compete in agility with her master three years ago. Nowadays they’re in MA3 category and are preparing for championship of the Czech Republic in agility.

Naše tlupa


Aiko joined our bunch on August 13th, 2009. He’s a splendid dog, smart, teachable and affectionate. Unfortunately we can’t have him at home because they don’t like each other with Beník and their coexistence in one house revealed itself to be impossible :-/. That’s why he lives with his mistress‘s parents, where he has a wonderful time, as the only dog there :-). We take him at least for trainings and races.

Aiko is good at sport cynology, has the essentials of agility, flyball, herding, dogdancing and dogfrisbee. We plan to practise with him especially agility and sport cynology, to try some dog sports and occasionally to visit a show.

Aiko is a stud dog.

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We brought Nellinka on November 8th, 2009 in the age of 11 weeks from Hannah Liffler (breeding station CI Colleen in Germany). She’s a little hellcat :-), has much vitality and energy. Moreover, she’s very cute and affectionate.

She loves defences above all, likes also agility and ball retrieving. We plan to try herding and dogfrisbee with her. We also sometimes visit exhibitions and possibly try other sports such as coursing, flyball, dogdancing, etc.

We would like her to breed puppies in the future, if possible.

Naše tlupa


(in memory)

Johník (A Little Cedric Shadow Flame) was my dreamt-of Border collie dog. I was longing for Border collie for a long time. I liked this race not just for its appearance, but especially for its intelligence and vitality.

My dream came true thanks to Johník at 100%. Unfortunately, Johny could be with us only till the age of 14 moths. After that, the pulmonary embolism took him from us :-( (Johny died on July 2nd, 2009). He loved a ball above all, liked agility and tried coursing as well. He used to be successful at exhibition. He obtained V1 rating and CAJC rating twice, once V3 rating.

He was very well-behaved and beautiful Border collie. We miss him very much :-(.

Naše tlupa

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