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(Translated by: Patrik Borýsek)

April 11th

We took Iriska to a training centre for the first time today where she has learnt running through a tunnel. She was doing very well. She learns pretty much fast and is heavily skilful :-). Here you can find a few photos taken yesterday at a garden and even at today’s training.

April 10th – A new addition into the pack

Sheltie called Iriska increased out pack today. Her name is officially Iris Gold Ria-Henria. She is seven months old. In the meantime, she gets used to all the members of our pack. We believe that she will successfully fit in the pack soon :) . We plan to practise especially agility with her. Maybe also obedience skills and other dog sports. We may try to breed her but for the present we are gonna let destiny work :). We will continuously supply more details.

Naše tlupa

April 2nd – 3rd – An action weekend: evaluation + Saturday intensive training

We spent this day with our friend at the chateau of Kvasiny where we went in order to breed Nell. Nellinka has successfully passed through the evaluation and she is a DAM :-).

On Saturday, we went with Aiko and Nell to Zlechov to all-day intensive training with Martina Vaškebová. We enjoyed her training a lot and we hope that she will manage to perform at least another one :-). Here are some photos.

Naše tlupa
Aiko at intensive training

March 27th – A spring walk to Rochus

Today’s Sunday was again pretty sunny, so we set off the walk to Rochus, along with Beny, Aimee and Nell. The trip has come right, the dogs have run properly and some photos have been taken here, as well. The author of them is the master. Several last snapshots of Benik and Nellinka are from our yard.

March 20th – Shiny March Sunday

It had been raining constantly several days and training centres have heavily underflooded. That’s why planned trainings including Sunday coursing had to be cancelled. On Sunday, however, it was kind of fine day. So we set off a visit of Aiko into Bílovice. Nell has recently ended rutting. Aiko didn’t mind it, though. He wooed Nellinka, even if she didn’t like it at all and was offensive to him.

Naše tlupa
Nellinka and Aiko in love :)

We set off a walk and after that took exercise of agility at our parents‘ garden, using home hurdles.

Here are a few photos of Aiko and Nelly taken today.

March 17th – A breeding station

We got an approved name of our brand-new breeding station - Amazing Moravia! Hopefully we will create new web pages for it. We plan to breed especially border collies, in the future maybe even shelties or another race. Puppies for our Nell are planned this or next year.

March 12th – 13th – European border collie cup, Motešice

- the master with “Aimees“ spent this weekend at races in Motešice.

Aimee fought out here the 1st place at MA2 exams, the 6th and the 7th place at jumping and the 12th place at open agility. A little bit missed to gain "the box" for "the Best jumper medium", where she ended up the 4th. You can find a video here.

Nelly in Motešice ran out 2 runs for the first time, at jumping got the 27th and at open agility the 38th position – both of 83 competitors. Here you can find a few photos. The author is Markéta Švábová, we thank a lot :-). A video can be found here.

CI Colleen´s Amazing Amy, Admit Beauty Near Future - border collie

March 7th

- Nelly’s video of Saturday races in Hodonín has been added. And here are all the photos we took at the races (the author of the most of them is Markéta Švábová).

March 5th – The Winter Hodonín paw

After some time, we again set off some races, this time to Hodonín. Aimee with the master races, traditionally. However, for the first time also Nelly started in this case.

Nellie unfortunately didn’t run out any of the runs without not being disqualified. It doesn’t matter, though. They ran along with the master very well and I believe that they will coordinate themselves, sooner or later :-).

On the contrary, Aimee throve. She was with the master even 4 times “on the box“. They fought out the 2nd place at jumping, the 3rd place at exams, the 3rd place at open agility and the 2nd place at totals. They gained lots of cool prizes, pretty medals and a cup. And here you can watch their performances :).

CI Colleen´s Amazing Amy - border collie
Aimee with trophies from Hodonín :)

February 5th

- a video of Aimee from double-exams in Mikulov has been added. The video is for the first time directed by the master and the author of 2 spots is Magda Bradáčová. Thanks.

January 29th – The Mikulov double-hump

We spent this Saturday at double-exams of agility in Mikulov.

We didn’t thrive at all with Aiko, unfortunately. During the first run, he was ill-tempered from that new environment in a hall and didn’t pay attention. He had focused during the second run much more, but jumped away of a swing at the 2nd half. That’s why we disqualified ourselves of our accord and corrected this swing matter. We took hold of the rest of races downright in a training way. You can find a few photos here.

On the other hand, Aimee with the master throve beautifully. They managed the first exam without a mistake and placed the 2nd position. They fulfilled the first exam of five needed for the follow-up progress into X. At the 2nd exams, they had a jumped away zone of a swing and placed the 4th position. At totals, they gained the 3rd place. A few photos including some snowy snapshots of Aimee are here.

CI Colleen´s Amazing Amy - border collie

January 16th - Coursing Brno

We set out on the training of coursing today (after a long time, approximately two years) - to Soběšice nearby Brno.

Nellinka saw a tuft for the first time. At first, she didn’t notice it very much. However, when a reel started moving, she immediately registered it and ran the whole track nicely.

Aiko has already had some experience with coursing from the time before. So immediately after seeing a tuft, he remembered “what’s the way of doing it“ and started working hard. As for the second run, Aiko looked forward to it so much that he was almost shaking himself (he doesn’t deny being the brother of Mysty – Mysty is kind of addicted to :-))) in the end of the second run, he hadn’t almost handled halting and rolled himself like a barrel to the reel. He had almost pulled it down :-)). He actually didn’t let others to take him a prey and even if he had probably stubbed something, he went for a well-earned (a tuft) to take a bite in :).

Here you can find a few today’s photos. The author of them is a master :-). Aiko’s video can be found here and Nelly’s one here.

CI Colleen´s Amazing Amy - border collie
Nell na coursingu

January 15th

- other 4 photos from an intensive agility event in Klokočov were added. Their author is Pavel Humpolec (, thanks a lot :-).

January 8th – Intensive agility Klokočov

During a week, we decided with haste to go to Klokočov this Saturday – to intensive agility with Lucka Dostálová. It was quite warm, almost for the first time of our going there :) (on the other hand, dogs were dirty like piglets, due to melting snow, mud and glued-on sand from a hall :o) ). We took immensely exercise. I learned top spin with Aiko and also how to solve some turnings (which weren’t troublefree for us) concerning the track. Martin with Nell concentrated especially on (among other things) the zones they must improve.

Here can be found a few today’s photos. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t brilliant because of bad lighting in the hall.

CI Colleen´s Amazing Amy - border collie
Nell in Klokočov

January 1st

- we spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day literally surrounded with a pack of dogs. Hanka Petrlová with Mysty, Fara and Hiro came to us and Jitka with Archie joined us at our New Year’s Eve walk into Buchlovské hills. We visited Aiko to Bílovice on New Year’s Day and organized a walk again. We enjoyed both days a lot and the dogs bustled pretty much.

Some photos were taken of these two days. You can look at them here :-).

Happy and lucky whole New Year 2011 to all!

Admit Beauty Near Future - border collie
Nellča and Aiko

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