Our bunch’s diary

(Translated by: Patrik Borýsek)

August 28th 2010 - Trainer Cup II, agility races, Přerov

I was looking forward to these agility races and also I was "a bit" scared of them because they were my first racing ones. More precisely – I started them for the first time with Aiko (sooner I ran races a few times with Ben and once with Aimee).

As I expected, we didn’t run out at least one of three runs without being disqualified. Despite of that I’m very satisfied with our participation in the races because we ran with Aiko as genuine agility team. Aiko endeavoured 100% more than I’m used to with him at trainings. He hit even fast stride (actually - I don’t catch him usually very much ;-), but the speed he demonstrated here was surprising even for other folks who know him) and did exactly what I asked him.

I think (and hope) we could handle the track one day and hopefully we could even stand “on the box“ :). All of it just in case that it will continue this way. That means Aiko would endeavour at races as beautifully as he showed here and the mistress would do something with her fitness and would improve agi.

And how the master succeeded with Aimee? It isn’t necessary to analyse it very much :). They obtained again nice positions (excepting A3 examination, which is kind of elf-struck for them or something :)) They gained the 1st place at open agility, the 2nd place at jumping and they masterfully won the totals :-). One giant beautiful cup-shaped trophy and two smaller ones arrived at our home. Moreover 15 kilograms of granules Acana and a lot of other smaller prizes.

You can find a video of Aimee here and video of Aiko here.

Other races for Aimee and the master are supposed to be at the Championship of the Czech Republic in Žamberk, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for them! :-).

Psí tlupa

August 7th 2010 - A club show of Border Collies

We visited the club show of Border Collies yesterday, which was held in Brno on Zetor. The referees were Milan Krinke (CZ) and Bob Tunnicliff from England. Both Aiko and Nell were under the English referee. Aiko in labour class and Nell in youth class, for the first time.

Aiko was shown by Hanka Petrlová, to whom I thank much for his pretty exhibition and Nelly was shown by her master. Both doggies got VD (very good) rating, Nell without a succession (there were 15 female dogs in the circle and only first four places were awarded) and Aiko was the 3rd from four dogs. A competition was very strong. No wonder, not only in the number (at Nell) and in the quality of our rivals, but also concerning the fact that both dogs were moulted off enough. Hopefully, it might be better next time :-).

Psí tlupa

On the contrary, Archie from Jitka Sovova thrived – he got the 2nd place from thirteen young dogs. We congratulate very much to both and hope they will have super results henceforward, too. Archie is a typical exhibition dog and in our opinion he has the great future :-).

We’re glad that the weather was OK in the end because downpours were expected. Actually, it was cloudy, but pretty cool, so it was surely better for dogs, too.

Some agility hurdles were available also this year, as usual. Of course we tried them with Aiko because there is never enough training :-).

Nell’s report
One year female dog, balanced, lighter skeleton type, female countenance. Slightly unequal motion. In good exhibition form.

Aiko’s report.
3,5 year dog, balanced in profile, good front and back angle forming, good head and bite, a lighter eye. Unequal motion, he yaws in front elbows. Good shown, moulted off.

Here you can find several photos of Aiko and here are photos of Nellie.

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